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World's best facilities

Choose from the best Compass verified facilities to host your crypto mining equipment.

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Compass Verified facilities set the industry standards for service, support, and security.

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Compass facilities provide the best power prices available from comparable data centers.


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Economies of scale

Powerblocks allows home miners and hobbyists to save 50-80% on power, and convert more of their hashrate to bitcoins.

Real decentralization

Powerblocks is designed to help more, smaller participants secure Bitcoin's network through decentralization of hashrate.

Own your hashrate

Powerblocks provide you with your own hardware and power contract, and allow you to mine to your own wallet.

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Hardware Procurement

Working with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, we source all types of mining machines.

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Compass provides financing and structured products to help miners purchase the equipment they need.

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We support data center operators, colocation customers, and investors with the mining business.